Thursday, August 30, 2012

Six Days In

I'm 6 days in! So far so good.

What's going well:

  • My headaches are getting less severe, which is good and my coach said that should happen
  • I am less crabby (which is good for everyone--work and home!)
  • The IP foods are really good and I look forward to them.
  • I have lost weight.
What's hard:
  • I need to get creative with lunches and dinners. Lunch is especially important because I'm having a salad with fresh veggies daily and am easily bored. So I need to find some dressing recipes.
  • 3:30pm is a hard time for me, so I have to stay busy then as I have the urge to snack.
I've found that the Southwest Cheese Curls are nice with lunch and it's a huge portion. Next week I plan to have half a packet of those and half a packet of the chocolate soy puffs, and I expect to be happy because I will feel like I'm getting two things. 

My first weigh in is tomorrow. I have definitely lost, not sure how much yet. I know people say not to weigh yourself every day, but I do. Knowing that number really helps me stay motivated and on track.

My friend emailed me yesterday to say: Don't give up, you're doing great! Having that support is nice, plus my husband is also doing the diet. His weight is flying off, which is just wonderful for him. His is meticulous with his diet, measuring everything carefully and taking this all quite seriously. It makes it hard for me to not do the same.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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