Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Problems

There are problems, and then there are good problems. And pants that are too big, my friends, are very good problems. I am so thrilled to have my pants falling off!

Unfortunately for me, I just paid $137 to have 4 pair of pants tailored down in an effort to avoid buying new so soon. I still have about 50 pounds left to lose--there will be plenty of pants in my future. This morning I was so excited to slip on my newly tailored pants, ready to look great and take on the world.


In the 10 days it took to get my pants back (plus perhaps not enough tailoring), I am left with a slightly loose waistband and a very saggy backside. These pants are ok for another week or so, but after that--no can do. And for important work meetings, these are definitely a no-no.

Time to get a few inexpensive pairs of pants to hold me over until the next size drop. No sense working this hard to walk around with an extra pair of pants worth of fabric on my body!!

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