Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Ol' Fashioned Jello Mold -- IP Style!

I have recently discovered the raspberry jello packet, which is surprisingly good. But you know me--I had to figure out something more to do with it. I thought about adding some fruit like a traditional jello mold. Oddly enough, I'm not sure I've had jello or a jello mold more than one or two times in my entire life. My mom never made jello, let alone a doctored up version with fruit or nuts or other goodies.

Well, it's never too late! This IP version is so so good, super easy, and very filling. I use my Rhubarb Compote recipe but leave the rhubarb a little chunkier rather than cooking into mush, a little Walden Farms Marshmallow, and the jello. I hope you enjoy!

Raspberry Jello Mold -- Ideal Protein Style
1 packet Ideal Protein raspberry jelly mix
1 cup Rhubarb Compote (see note below)
1 Tbsp. Walden Farms Marshmallow Topping

If you haven't already, make your rhubarb compote using the recipe here. Note that for a more traditional jello mold style, either chop the fresh rhubarb into small pieces and cook until soft but not falling apart, or for frozen rhubarb cook until soft and break apart with a spoon but again, don't cook until it's turned to applesauce. Of course, I made it mushy and the jello mold worked great. It just depends on the texture you like.

Put 1 cup of the cooked rhubarb into a tupperware container. Add in the marshmallow topping. In a separate container, add the raspberry jelly mix to 4.5 oz. hot water and stir to dissolve the mix completely. Pour the liquid jelly mix over the rhubarb and marshmallow and stir will to evenly distribute the liquid through the other ingredients. Cover and pop into the fridge for 40 minutes or more.

Eat and savor every bite!!


  1. Where did you find Rhubard this time of year? (I live in the DC area as well)

    1. I found frozen rhubarb at Whole Foods, and sometimes they have it at MOM's (my organic market). It's already chopped up -- just throw it in the pan for some compote. I usually make 2 bags at a time.

  2. Hi. Found your blog looking for IP Rhubarb recipes. LOVE your creative ideas!! We'll definitely be cooking a lot of your recipes! On this one (rhubarb jello mold): I don't have Walden Farms marshmallow topping, & didn't see it at our store (they just had caramel & chocolate sauces, and strawberry jam), so would appreciate ideas for substitutions. Would the WF jam work? (Were you just using the WF marshmallow for sweetness?)

    I'd also love to hear how you've been progressing recently on IP - looks like you latest progress update is over a year old!

    Sue in TX

  3. Thanks so much!! I think you can just skip the marshmallow topping altogether if you can't mind it. Then it's just the rhubarb and jello, which will be super yummy. I added the marshmallow for a little creaminess but it's good without it too. Enjoy!