Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here we go!

Today was Day 1! My husband and I began dieting on Ideal Protein. I've been wanting to do this for awhile--a friend from work lost 30 lbs and has kept it off for 3 years and she's really encouraged me. I had to wait until I was done breastfeeding and, well, here we go!

I have a lofty goal of an 80lb weight loss. I say lofty for many reasons including that this would be less than I weighted in high school. So for now I have that number in mind but I will see how I look and feel. My husband hasn't shared his number with me, nor I him--a girl's gotta have some secrets, don't you think?

I started off the day a little rough, though providing amusement to my husband and 8yo son. I was trying to make a frappuccino out of my cappuccino shake. Too much ice and I ended up having to drink a whole pitcher-full! Not ideal (no pun intended).

Overall the day was ok. I am definitely very hungry, which my coach assures me will subside after day 3 or 4 when my body starts melting my fat to make the energy it needs. I hope she's right and not just blowing smoke. I didn't have an extra packet but I did have a snack of salty lettuce. Hit the spot.

I've been pretty crabby today as well, which I blame on the hunger. But it could be the messy kitchen, the lack of sleep from the baby who doesn't, feeling disorganized, or any other number of things. So I am trying to work through it, which I can only imagine that my family appreciates.

Most of the ideal protein food I've had so far has been reasonably tolerable, and some quite tasty. Today I had the cappuccino shake and dark chocolate pudding and liked them both. We tried the premade mango shakes at lunch and neither of us loved it. It needed to be ice cold, and was super
sweet with a funny aftertaste. That said, I'm not a juice lover so maybe it wasn't for me.

All in all, it was a reasonable day. Going to bed hungry is not a fun feeling, so I'm picturing myself shopping as I count sheep.

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