Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everybody Needs a Friend

I'll say it--dieting is not easy. And this diet can be challenging in that there is no flexibility to cheat here and there when the mood strikes. For me, I actually think that's better because I must stick with it and so I am. But that doesn't mean it's easy or that I don't need support and encouragement.

I am fortunate that a good friend of mine (and co-worker) has been on the Ideal Protein diet in the past and had great success. She's been so encouraging (Joanne, you know who you are!) and it's wonderfully motivating. She always comments about how my weight loss is really showing, sending me encouraging quotes and sharing ideas about how she liked one packet or another.

Her past experience is helpful, but I actually think it's having someone around me at work that knows I'm doing the program that is most beneficial. I don't think everyone needs to know your business if you don't want to share, but having at least one person understand the program to some extent can be helpful. For example, yesterday there was a staff pizza lunch complete with scrumptious looking chocolate chip cookies and lovely bready sandwiches. I brought in my salad from home, veggies and a shake. I didn't feel awkward, in part because I knew that someone understood why I was doing that. Joanne didn't push me to 'just taste' anything--she would never do that. Even though I was offered a cookie and painfully declined, I felt comfortable in my new IP skin. Having someone who knew why I was eating my own food really helped me.

I encourage you to find someone to talk with, even just to let them know that you are trying to eat differently. For some, life is an open book, while for others it's hush hush. Whatever your style, consider building yourself at least a small support system. Your true friends want you to be healthy and they'll help you any way they can. You just need to let them know how.

So thank you Joanne--I appreciate you helping me find success with IP!

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