Saturday, September 15, 2012

Three Weeks and Twelve+ Pounds!

I'm thrilled to share that in 3 short weeks I have already lost 12.4 pounds! The inches are also melting away, and I lost a good bit this week from my bust, waist, arms and neck. I won't bore you with the measurements.

This week's weigh in was a good motivator for me. I can really feel things changing--my pants are all getting too big and in a few weeks I will have to go shopping. Oh woe is me :-) My mom has now officially noticed my weight loss, and everyone knows that moms are a tough crowd.

Last week I was only down 0.6 at weigh in, so I was thrilled to feel on track this week. My understanding from others is that week #2 is often not great numbers-wise---your body is getting used to things and things are shifting around. I also had a few really salty dinners accidentally (like when I spilled the Old Bay seasoning into the bowl) and I could feel the water on myself. In any case, I stuck with it and was rewarded this week!

I'm not finding the diet all that difficult, actually. The hardest part is if I have to go somewhere outside of my usual life, but regular days at home or work are now getting routine. I'm finding meals I like and getting things set for myself. For lunch, I usually like to have a salad with raw veggies instead of cooked and then my packet. For dinner, I'll make different proteins and cooked veggies and then some raw veggies on my salad. I have definitely found that 2 cups of a single cooked vegetable is not for me -- I get bored and then really don't want to eat it at all. So, variety is the ticket!

This week is a holiday, and I am a little nervous about how things will go. Timing for meals will be off, but my husband and I will figure out a way to make it work! I am already anxiously awaiting next week's weigh in day--I can't believe how fast the diet is working, and I really am not finding myself starving. My goal is still far away, so I'm just focusing on week at a time.

Off to have my Southwest Spicy Cheese Curls!

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