Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Craziness

I find weekends the hardest time on the diet. When I'm at work, I'm so busy that I don't have time to think about eating most days. At home, the kitchen is there and I'm used to using it! I have very little junk in the house, but I do have two kids (8yo boy and 1yo girl) and they have to eat -- and not IP :-)

Diet or not, we usually try to do family things on the weekends since my husband and I both work full time. We enjoy our quality time with the kids and with each other. IP has definitely impacted what we can do. Of course, we knew that but ignored it and found out for ourselves.

What am I talking about?? We had the brilliant idea to enjoy one of the last days of summer with a 10 mile bike ride into Washington DC. It felt great on the way, but when we turned around to head home it became immediately clear that there had been an ever-so-slight downgrade on the way. Yes, folks--that means uphill the whole way back. It took us forever and we were dragging horribly. We both agreed we could have done it with calories in our bodies and carbs to burn off, but without that we were really struggling. The good news? We made it and didn't cheat at all even though we were starving after that trek.

Also, this morning I blended up a chocolate drink mix with water and some ice. It was really tasty and I will defintely do that again (at least on the weekends).

Here's what I learned today that I already knew:

  • We cannot just wing it when it comes to food. We did bring pre-made shakes and two mini-cucumbers, but by the time we hit the trail it was actually lunch time and we had no plan for how we would get a reasonable salad and other veggies. Unfortunately we were out of lettuce so we didn't pack it to go before we left.
  • I cannot count on places having dressings I can eat. We went to the Whole Foods salad bar once we finally got back, and they had olive oil but only balsamic & white wine vinegars. Since we were at the grocery store, we just bought lemon juice too but if we had been elsewhere it wouldn't have been that easy.
  • Ten miles is a long bike ride if you are out of shape and not eating very much.
  • I do, in fact, have some willpower. 

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